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Whitey (male) $1500







Whitey is smooth coat.  He has a great temperament.  He is very quick at learning commands and is displaying a real want to please.  This pup will need a gentle hand when training, even though he is the most aggressive male in the litter.    We believe he will make a excellent cattle dog. 

Currently Whitey is at Russ Finaly's  (  for more training.  Russ is finding him to be a very strong and aggressive dog. He is teaching him to control this aggression and .put it to use when needed.   He also has tremendous speed and agility.  You can contact russ via his website for more information on this exciting young cattle dog.









The proud parents


Ralph & Chevy at a stock dog clinic, Dale Montgomery, instructor                                                                Chevy and Max at Stock Dog Clinic, Dec 06.

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